Photography portfolio of Helen Worley.

One visits a gallery to enjoy art, to be inspired, to see things from new perspective, to be changed, or just to have fun. I hope that as you scroll through these images you will experience one of these emotions.

These images can be ordered printed on canvas (my preference) in a size of your choosing and stretched to gallery wrap or framed. They can also be printed on satin paper, matted and mounted on foam core. For more details and options visit the order page or contact me directly.

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  • Rush Hour in Newport Beach, RI
    Rush Hour in Newport Beach, RI
    The sabots are towed into the Newport Beach, Rhode Island, harbor after a day of sailing nearby. The route resembles an obstacle course with a yawl at anchor, a ketch underway, other boards moving and more lines of towees! The racers are participants in the yacht club’s children’s program. You can purchase this from my […]
  • Boats Around The World
    Boats Around The World
  • Feather
  • Eerie Dawn
    Eerie Dawn
    On the cusp of a new day, via my imagination! Sand dunes are transformed by darkness and even more by emerging light.
  • Frothy Stone
  • Heart Stones
  • Stacked Stones
    Stacked Stones
  • Inukshuk
  • Waiting
    The cabin and kayak storage shed at Yellow Point Lodge on Vancouver Island wait for spring and summer when the tourists arrive. They are somewhat sheltered from the winter storms, flying driftwood, and salt spray of the turbulent Salish Sea. This rustic resort is a haven for city dwellers, many from Vancouver, who return year […]
  • Stones and Ocean
    Stones and Ocean
  • Muscle Shell Water
    Muscle Shell Water
  • Nursery Log
  • Ahipara Tumbleweed
    Ahipara Tumbleweed
    The weed has been tossed onto Ninety Mile Beach at Ahipara, New Zealand by the Tasman Sea. The continuously pounding surf tosses up many treasures, and sculpts many images during the course of just one tide change.
  • Wheel and Flowers
    Wheel and Flowers
    Yellow wildflowers are taking over the wheel of a bicycle abandoned on a country roadside. Once again, nature asserts her control over human-made objects!
  • Shadowed Float
  • Birch Bay Dinghy
    Birch Bay Dinghy
    Its tattered American flag standing proud in the evening breeze, the small boat lies at rest in Birch Bay, WA ready for its next adventure. Birch Bay is a small community near the Canadian border where many small boats moor to anchor buoys, their outboard motors lifted for at low tide, they are aground.
  • Denali.Mt McKinley
    Denali.Mt McKinley
    Denali/Mt McKinley’s north and south peaks emerge from the clouds on a summer’s day. Gallery wrap giclee on canvas, 20″ x 16″.  $100.00 plus shipping.
  • First sun over Angkor Wat
    First sun over Angkor Wat
    Dawn comes gently to this massive complex which seems to emerge out of the darkness and mists to tower over the jungle and thousands of people who have come to witness its unveiling. Giclee on canvas in black floater frame, total size 13.5″ x 17.5″, $100.00, plus shipping.
  • Mangalore Morning
    Mangalore Morning
  • Red Bucket at the Ready
    Red Bucket at the Ready
    The small boat waits to be taken to harvest the bounty of Kingcome Inlet, BC Giclee on canvas, stretched.  $85.00
  • Compassion
    Look carefully, seeking eyes, and discover who is compassionate here.  It is not a dominant evergreen but the minority deciduous tree which cradles the lifeless member of the ruling species.
  • Staircase
    Who made this driftwood staircase in Yachats, Oregon?  Where did the ladder come from?  And where does it lead? Giclee on canvas, stretched with black edges, 30″ x 20″, $275.00 plus shipping.
  • Copper Sand
    Copper Sand
    The setting sun pours molten copper on the sea and its sandy shore and the tiny stones stand up like gems in a bracelet.
  • The Treasury
    The Treasury
    The ancient Treasury in the hidden city of Petra, Jordan appears almost magically at the end of the crevasse which protected it for centuries.
  • Yachats Morning
    Yachats Morning
    The dawn broke softly on the Oregon beach.  The strong silent man walked barefoot on the tide-pressed sand taking in the beauty of the new day.   This image is the backdrop for the memorial page for the Irish poet/philosopher-writer John O’Donohue website: www.johnodonohue.com.  The man is John. Giclee on canvas in black floater frame, total […]
  • Footprints
    Two ways of walking – barefoot and experiencing the fullness of the ground beneath your feet, or encased in shoes protecting yourself from the soft and the hard of the sand.  Two ways of walking through life.   Two different directions too…
  • Shadows
    Shadows tease the eye…just what is this on the sand?
  • Heart Stones
    Heart Stones
    Romance on the beach…these stones hugged each other even as the waves tried to pry them apart.
  • Pleading Eyes
    Pleading Eyes
        The distinctive blue of Alaska’s Sawyer Glacier contrasted with the strong pewter and bronze rock and the white ice are riveting.  The story behind the ice and rock is even more compelling.  Giclee on canvas, stretched with black edge, 30″ x 20″, $275.00 plus shipping. Pleading Eyes My bright blue eyes  Pierce the […]
  • Nostalgia Cafe
    Nostalgia Cafe
    Antique bicycles and sculpted human figures hang on the wall above the Nostalgia Cafe on Kieran Street in Kilkenny, Ireland.
  • Sucia Kayaks
    Sucia Kayaks
    The kayakers’ careful artistry – kayaks neatly lined up in front of the autumn hued trees, paddles like a box of Q-tips resting on a log, and the perky orange tent – captured my eye! giclee on canvas, stretched, 20″ x 30″.  $275.00
  • Subtle Takeover
    Subtle Takeover
    There is a subtle takeover underway on Orcas Island.  Nature is reclaiming the logging land; the strong wire ropes can’t compete with the grass’ roots and leaves. Giclee on canvas stretched, 8″ x 12″.  $85.00.
  • Red Leaf with White Shawl
    Red Leaf with White Shawl
    What created the white shawl gracefully draped above the leaf which is diving into the sand?  This image works well with Yellow Leaf and Sandy Feather – the three beach orphans.
  • Yellow Leaf
    Yellow Leaf
    The sea created a temporary bed for this bright yellow leaf.  This image works well as a triptych with Sandy Feather and Red Leaf with White Shawl – the three beach orphans.
  • Sandy Feather
    Sandy Feather
    Lying on a wet beach, this single feather with three seeds nestled nearby brings light to a dreary day, hope for the lonely straggler.  This image works well as a triptych with Red Leaf with White Shawl and Yellow Leaf  –  the three  beach orphans.
  • Qaqortoq child
    Qaqortoq child
    A little girl enjoys an apple on a sunny August morning in the harbor at Qaqortoq, Greenland while sitting on a stone wall next to her brightly colored discarded coats.
  • Lovers
    Joined at the head, the lovers welcome people passing by this corner in Qaqortoq, Greenland. “Lovers” is one of over 40 carvings in this southwest Greenland town.The picture is available directly from me (9×16 giclee on canvas) for $65.00 plus shipping. Or click on the Fine Art America link for other options.
  • Day Breaks
    Day Breaks
    Dawn brightens even the darkest burgundy, hinting at the coming day’s beauty.  
  • Mysterious Skyline
    Mysterious Skyline
    The air was warm, the clouds intriguing, the colors magnificent, the city mysterious in the shadow.  Guess! Giclee on satin paper, matted and framed, with glass, 22″ x 30″.  $150.00
  • Bora Bora Sunrise
    Bora Bora Sunrise
    The sun rose behind the mystical island of Bora Bora, with its reflection mirrored in the surrounding ocean. This image is available directly from me – 16″x20″ giclee on canvas, set in a bronze floater frame – for $200, plus shipping.  Other sizes, print style and framing are available through www.fineartamerica.com/helenworley.
  • These massive Moai of Easter Island have been restored and replaced on a huge platform above the South Pacific Ocean beach on this legendary island. The 9″x16″ image, giclee print on canvas, stretched, with black border is available directly from me for $65.00 plus shipping.  For other sizes, print style and framing, to to www.fineartamerica.com/helenworley […]